04 October 2015

Yippee! Hallelujah! Thrill!

You're not even going to believe this. There are still people in this world who follow this pitiful blog. I count four. This is grand. I will just type and type and type to my heart's content.

And that will be made possible by MY NEW COMPUTER!! Our trusty laptop died a slow and painful death and while she still kind of works, it's just not worth the effort. So we made the switch to a shiny new desktop which was purchased juuuust yesterday. I really didn't know people still use desktops, but I can be swayed. We'll need it in the coming months and years anyway. And lest you believe that's some sort of cryptic pregnancy announcement, rest assured, I am not with child. I am with desktop and it's glorious.

Next up, I'll be writing about my Exodus of One from the beast that is Facebook. And true to history, I am wandering in the DESERT, friends. Ain't nobody out here but me and my God.

I have a small list of "to blog" topics, but can I be real? I'm just not quite back into the swing of it. How do my views even matter in a world of bloggers? Is there really anything I can say that isn't already being said at this very moment? Will I ever go viral? What's the meaning of all of this?

Clearly, my God is staying silent on this one.

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