30 September 2015

Things I Love Because I'm a Mom. (Of many)

I love that Netflix just starts the next episode automatically, because there are some moments when I'm so tired I can't be bothered to even move my finger. Thanks, Netflix, for mustering that LAAAAAAST bit of energy when all I can do is whimper.

I love Sonic because they have corndogs. But you know what else they have? Shots of caffeine to add to any drink you order. They get me. They get that I live in Texas, where it is sometimes hotter than, well, anything. They get that it's just plain kind to offer caffeine in everything.

I love Pinterest. Mostly because I am just too damn tired to come up with anything to better my life. Thanks, Pinterest, for making us all look like winners.

I love velcro and 3M strips. So much. Velcro shoes, velcro cable straps, 3M strips for hanging even the unhangable. America. That's America.

Breakfast cereal.

Flavored quick-dissolve melatonin. Yesssss.

Who am I kidding? Flavored quick dissolve everything.

Smartphones. How did mothers stay sane before smart phones?!? No wonder generations past drank and smoked so much. Not like they had My Singing Monsters to love them back, right?

I'm done here. If I can't be bothered to hit "next episode" on Netflix, I sure as heck can't be bothered to keep typing.

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Katherine said...

I’m sorry, are you meaning to imply that being a mother is tir… Zzzzzzzzz….Wait, were you speaking or was I?