14 September 2015

Let me just catch you up real quick.

1) lucy? She's good. Reading like crazy, still not sure about her new school but giving it a decent shot. Is swimming pretty well, but aspires only to be "okay and good enough to not drown." She feels that way about almost everything. Mediocre is the new perfect! She makes up for her apathy with loads of charm.

2) molly is, as usual, doing fine. 6.5 now, swimming like crazy, but by "crazy" I actually mean she looks like a total weirdo in the pool. Completely graceless and awkward, but she has a blast. She swims underwater just great and while it's not pretty to watch, she gets the job done. Mo loves to help around the house and is really a considerate kid.

3) claire is turning the entire world on it's ear and nobody seems to be concerned. Claire also learned to swim this summer and she looks like a little water sprite. She's comfortable, adorable and super fun to watch. Pretty sure she was born with flippers. Claire is working on her vocabulary and only uses words that sound hilarious when she pronounces them wrong. Words like, "exponsibility" and "verdifying."

4) Max? Max is charming, snuggly, handsome and completely likeable. He hates bugs and snakes and totally owns it. He basically lives to eat goldfish and love his brother.

5) you know, the brother who is definitely most undeserving in the love and adoration department. Miles is a nightmare these days. So much so that it's almost laughable. It seems that identical twins go through phases and sort of trade off in the personality department. Right now, Miles is trying on "utterly horrid" and it's a pretty good look on him! He's 100% willful and beastly, 200% physically abusive and manipulating, 75% disobedient and 157% devious and calculating. I'll be happy to get my amazing miles back in the coming days. For about 2 minutes a day my old miles surfaces and does something sweet, and I have hope. But then he bites someone or punches somebody and I'm all, "oh look, there's square one. Pretty sure we're supposed to be over in that one."

Now, I have to go. Miles dumped a bottle gold bond powder all over the living room and is using air freshener to clean it up. Fail.

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