17 May 2015

He makes it so easy.

Y'all, we are in a drought. We're in rocky soil and it hasn't rained in far too long.

We got married 9 years ago and shortly after that began my blog, Planted and Blooming. The title was such because we're bloomers, he and I. With or without rain, we bloom. "For better or worse" seems to come up time and again, and some weeks there is nothing but worse. Thankfully, there is always "better" on the horizon.

This past week was a bunch of worse with a few big betters. Lucy and Lilly had their First Communion and it was just beautiful. Our sweet little girls are really blossoming into amazing young ladies.

We have a contract and closing date for our house! Another better!

But with those betters, it was nothing but "worse." The stress is endless. The worries are numerous. The drought is a killer. We just want to transplant without hassle, but it feels like a drought that goes on and on.

So here we are, thirsty for fortune and a good long soaking of blessings. You'd think our marriage would start to wither, wouldn't you? Somehow Andrew helps me bend to where the clouds are thinnest, to where I can see the sunshine. We continue to bloom and it seems like the hardest winters always bring the most amazing blooms, doesn't it?

Throughout the difficult week, little sprinkles came through and gave us hope. A pair of shoes. A perfectly placed $20 bill. A day to recoup. A hot shower when last week, we just wanted water! You don't need a rainstorm to see a rainbow, and we have seen so many precious rainbows in these little sprinkles. So many promises that we are never lost or forgotten.

He's a good one to be planted with, that man of mine. He helps me bloom without water, in the rockiest of soil.

All the time, God is good.