19 September 2014

Today is not that day.

There are days where I hate my house.  It's too small, it's too old, it's too messy, it's just not right, the floors need help, the walls have holes, it all just makes me crazy.

But you know, if it's not one thing, it's another.  If the house didn't drive me nuts, there'd be something else in it's place. And really, what am I not liking? The shelter?  The warmth? The protection? Get ahold of yourself, crazy girl!

Today it's about 75 degrees with a gorgeous breeze and it's just a tiny bit cloudy.  The kids are running barefoot in the still-nearly-soft grass,  molly skipped school to climb a new tree and claire has big plans to fill the pool and splash "a little bit nakey." Max is carrying a horse shoe around and miles is eating sand from the pit.

We didn't buy this place for the house. We bought it for the privacy, for the big lawn, for the endless grass, for the mental health. Our house? Imperfect. Our home? Amazing.

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