23 June 2014

Mama's Secret Weapons.

You may or may not know that I totally rock this mothering thing. Ha, riiiiiight. I'm usually a mess of sweat and yelling, but there are several ways I retain a little normal in the middle of the chaos.

Here's my trick. I wake up in the morning and eat a fiber one chocolate chip cookie bar. If I can start the day with a cookie, it's all okay. Then it's kid music on the iPad all morning. It's all for the kids! Raffi, Fred Penner, Backyardigans, Schoolhouse Rock, we go all out. Rock. And. Roll. Anything for the kids, right?

And then I take my day back.

Just when I think I can't take another second, right around 3:30, I put the ipad on the kitchen counter, put my Bluetooth headphones around my neck and let my hair down to cover the evidence. I turn on whatever I want and the sounds of an adult world fills my ears. I then smile and nod at the children as if I'm totally present, all the while half-listening to my tv and movie friends carry on with their pretend lives, or listen to music on Spotify. The kids have no idea and my sanity is once again preserved. I can walk the entire house without letting on or interrupting my "me time," getting things done and still enjoying the afternoon.

Our little secret. Bluetooth has changed my liiiiiiiife.

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