08 May 2014

It's like babblefish.

Miles: bleegooo! Deego Deego Deego! Bleh? 

Max: blibb blibb bleegooo! Deego?

Miles: Blech blah blah blah Deego! Bleh?

Max: Deego Deego Deego!

I can translate. 

Miles: Mom just mopped the floor! I'm pretty sure I saw a cup of crayons on the dining room table. I can grab them if you want to take a few minutes to color on the floor with me. There are orange ones in there, too, if you're hungry. You in?

Max: oh man...I AM ready for a snack, but I was going to flush some Legos on my way to punch Claire in the face. meet you in five? It really shouldn't take long.

Miles: no, no, yeah. That's actually perfect. That'll give me time to pull the raw chicken trimmings out of the trash and get Mom yelling. make it ten?

Max: perfect. Stay efficient, as they say.

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