24 May 2014

Four weeks of awesome.

So...we just finished week four of our homeschooling journey. Y'all, it has been very, very difficult. Remember my debilitating disease? I blame that. It's easier than admitting that my disease is totally not affecting me at all right now and the real problem is my debilitating laziness.

Cajoling, convincing, enticing, forcing, tempting, begging...getting kids to work is akin to listening to jokes. I HATE listening to jokes. I'm about to tangent this thing all over the place.

Aren't jokes the absolute worst? Someone tells you a joke and then stares at you expectantly while you force a laugh. Most of the time they're terrible and not funny at all. Mostly because smart humor is subtle. They're called "bad" jokes for a reason. Nobody wants to hear a joke.

And speaking of, it's okay not to feel obligated to send a mother of twins that picture of the twin crying while the other one laughs and says, "she thought I was you so she fed me twice!" Got it. 25 times. If it's on Facebook and you run across it and think, "HA! Laura has GOT to see this!", trust me, honey, I've already seen it. All of them.

Whoopsie. Homeschooling. I would like to brag for juuuust a quick second because at the end of week four, we have completed four weeks of work. That's major for someone who really doesn't follow through on anything but pregnancies.

Ummm...what else? Charlotte moved an hour west, so that's stinky, but now I know she's totally unbusy because she's just petting donkeys all day. (No, really. I think that's really all she's doing.) So last night I said, "come over tomorrow and stay all day!" And she texted back, "okay!" Neato.

We finally got a Costco membership. I'm hoping that Andrew will take a solidly patronizing, "aren't women adorable when they spend too much?" stance on this one and just leave me to my own devices. Note to spouse: I NEVER shop at target, so it seems like maybe we can just think about all the money I'm saving you there and apply it to my Costco problem? And really, I don't think "problem" is really the right word. Well, unless finding your heart's retail twin is a problem.

I'm lying in bed with the sweaty mess that is Claire. She is so cute. Her piggy has a hole in his neck and she took "some a da stuffs out." So we're going to fix him tomorrow. Killer.

Miles had his first time out today. Incidentally, he also had good first lawnmower ride, so it was a draw. Max also had his first lawnmower ride, but he wasn't driving so he really couldn't relax at all. You know men. Always needing to be in the driver's seat.

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