08 April 2014

I'm sitting in the infusion center and have about two hours to go, so now might be a good time to blog. In the other hand, I Ann wiped out and a nap sounds divine. I'll go until I fall asleep, I guess.

Today is my second infusion, since I had to cancel last week's appointment due to bronchitis. I started coughing last weekend, lost my voice and was feeling pretty horrid, but my gi sent me for a chest xray on Tuesday and we were still planning on the infusion, until I woke up Wednesday with a fever. Blast! So I did a zpack over the weekend and here I am today. I've been feeling pretty good colitis-wise, with just a few subtle effects from the remicade so far. The biggest issue I have is headaches, but that seems minor. I'm curious to see what side effects will continue to settle in as this next dose takes hold, as I'm still in the losing dose phase and haven't hit the drug level yet. That's a few more weeks out, so each dose may present new side effects. Like Christmas every week! My next infusion will be four weeks from today, barring any surprise illnesses until then. The first 12-14 days after the infusion is my most vulnerable immune system-wise, so I may be more susceptible to germs and general "Yuck" in that time period. After my next infusion, I'll have them every eight weeks, so my "strong" periods will be longer after that.

We are coming off of a fantastic week visiting with family. Auntie Kasie, Uncle Chris and cousin Matt cane to visit us for Matt's spring break and we had so much fun!
Want a full list of every little thing we did?

Drove to San Antonio. Saw the rarity family. Went to the river walk. Ate steak.  Went to the Alamo. Shopped like crazy. Saw the Water Gardens. Ate so much food. Did some plumbing. Went to the trampoline park. Built a potato cannon. Rode Segways. Went to Dealey Plaza. Took in a Rangers game. Ate more food. Got spray tans..painted the China cabinet. Went to the scat lounge. Went to natural bridge caverns. Ate more food. Watched movies. Fired potato cannon. Regretted that.

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