18 April 2014

Germy girl.

I love technology so, so, so much. I love that everything is at my fingertips 24 hours a day. I love at my friends and family are less than a moment away. I love that the weather forecast is in front of me. I love that I can video chat with my sister any time. I love that my best friend is on google chat all day long. I love that I can snapchat all of the crazy things the kids so.  I never stop appreciating the amazing wonders we have around us. I am so excited to see what develops over the next fifty years. So. Cool. 

 So, I came down with a sore throat again last night. While I am feeling better today, it was an eye-opener for me. The Remicade has me feeling much, much better. So much better, in fact, that I tend to forget that my immune system isn't very strong. For instance, on Tuesday I was at my moms meeting at Church and our nursery lady came in and asked for a volunteer to help with the big kids. I jumped up, all excited to hang out in the the nursery for an hour. You know, with a big pack of germy kids. Then on Thursday, I took my five to the Science Museum. Good thing there are no germs there. And of course we weren't positively surrounded by a packs of field-trippers. Nahhhhh. So last night I was sitting on the couch and suddenly felt horrid. Sore throat, headache, tender glands, definitely sick. And when I thought back to where I possibly could have picked up such an illness, every day of the week had been an opportunity to contract something nasty. Laura! Come on, now! 

So, I need to be much more mindful about where I'm going, what I'm doing and what sort of company I'm keeping. I think I need to start planning out my "next day" the night before and running it by Andrew so that I have another brain helping me think through my plans. I'm just a little too distracted to keep everything straight around here! 

The boys are starting to TALK and boy, is it cute! Max is by far the chattier of the two, and spends a lot of time in "conversation," even if very little of it makes sense. Miles loves the word "hat," and will put anything on his head. Adorable. Max is working so hard to come up with real words, and I love watching him work so hard. Every so often they'll hit the jackpot and say something that makes sense, and I melt. 

Uh oh. My font went wonky. I'm out.

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