24 April 2014

Ain't no fatigue like adrenal fatigue cause adrenal fatigue don't stop!

All you might have some idea as to what I'm about to blog about.

So the good news is, the remicade is working like a charm. It's sooo fantastic. My colitis symptoms have all but disappeared, leaving me with nothing but headaches and fatigue. Trust me, that's a huuuuge improvement. The headaches usually go away with a little Tylenol, and for the heavy hitting ones I have a very expensive bottle of Motrin that has prilosec in it. It's called Duexis and it's just heaven-sent.

The bad news is, while I'm off the prednisone, it's left me with some pretty crazy withdrawal symptoms, and I'm feeling pretty dizzy most of the time. My blood pressure is wildly erratic right now, but that should work itself out in the coming weeks. I think that I'll just make my plans according to how my head is feeling. I mean, the remicade often cancels many of my potential plans anyway, just did too the germ factor, . So it's all good.

So there's your update.

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