11 March 2014


Tuesdays are always busy and a little stressful. For a homeboy like me, Tuesdays stink. I get to see my friends, and I love that part. I'm never worry I went out. But dealing with all the car seats and strollers and diapers bags and shoes makes me positively nauseous. Having to remember so many things just to get out the door is just exhausting. My mommy brain is bad right now, and it feels like I'm always forgetting something crucial. I am done borrowing books from the library. Can't remember to return them. Done scheduling anything for any day other that Tuesday or Friday. Can't remember appointments. Done cooking anything I don't know by heart. I WILL screw up anything new. Done tackling projects outside of the weekend. I'll get too sidetracked to do anything beyond making the initial mess. Done trying to go to a Mass that might fit our schedule better. Sundays at 11 means we can predictably get out the door. Done, done, done. My brain has melted into a little puddle that can't reasonably extend beyond changing diapers and wiping counters. I'm fine with that. I love what I do! But I have to be reasonable about my expectations and stick to the bare minimum right now. The bare minimum is fine. That's where the kisses and hugs and cuddles and giggles can find me. Any more than this and I have no room for them. So I do things in the Little Way, just trying to manage the small things.

Now if you'll excuse me, two small things are calling from their cribs. Time for Tuesday!

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