12 March 2014

The ABC's of Sick Kids

A is for acetaminophen. Dosing regularly.

B is for blubbering. Lots of that happening here.

C is for cough, and caffeine, both of which I'll probably have tomorrow.

D is for Daddy, whom we are missing.

E is for eyes. Four goopy, nasty eyes.

F is for fever. Got those too.

G is for graham crackers. Not even those are working.

H is for howling. And humidifier.

I is for ibuprofen. Sigh.

J is for jeans. Mine are covered in snot.

K is for kiss. Can't help myself, even when they're slimy and germy.

L is for laughter. Very little laughter here today.

M is for mama. She's here...she's here...

N is for noise machine.

O is for otoscope. I wish I had one right now.

P is for pitiful.

Q is for quiet. Still...not...quiet.

R is for rest, of which I will be getting very little tonight.

S is for sleep. Ain't no rem cycles in this house...

T is for tired. Have I covered this yet?

U is for undone. Oh, it's all undone.

V is for vigil. Sitting vigil with my boys, rocking and rocking and rocking.

W is for whine. All of us.

X is for x-Ray, which what I hope to avoid by getting these sickies to the doctor in the am...

Y is for yawn. Happening now.

Z is for zzzZZZZZzzzzZzzzZZZZzzzzzZ

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