07 March 2014

Princess seeking her Prince Charming!

So if you're a parent of girls, you may have crossed paths with the "Princess Sticker Face" activity set. Believe me, it is WELL worth the money. Grandma sent Molly this charming set for her birthday and I assure you, it's comedy gold. 

Disney does say that it's about what's in your heart...right?

Let's meet some of the young ladies. 

He really didn't know what he loved more; her cute smile or the sweet way she raised that left eyebrow.

She really never knew if there were actually two swans, or just her eyes playing tricks. They had a way of doing that...

Her father swore up and down that the red tiara brought out the blues...in her eyes, I mean.

She still maintained that a grander chin tiara had never been seen in any of the five kingdoms!

Those wide set eyes left him speechless every time. Like really, really speechless.

Her sisters lived in a jealous rage, envious of the third eye she possessed. They'd often make fun of her, cackling things like, "like putting lipstick on a whole litter of piglets!" She couldn't be sure, but she thought it might have something to do with her love of farming. 

You just couldn't deny the fact that her eyes closely resembled the fleur de lis wallpaper.

It was like her mother always said. "If you've got screwy eyes, just accessorize the hell out of the rest of it."

Her stylist reassured her a second time, "the off the shoulder look really accentuates your best feature."

The way her diamond necklace threaded right through her throat was unnerving...but a little thrilling. 

The demure way she clasped her hands and giggled almost made him forget how completely wall-eyed she was.

Boy, when her mouth twisted into a wry grin, there was no other way to describe it. Yep, "twisted" would work just fine.

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Jess said...

That was the laugh I needed today- laughing so hard I had tears!