22 February 2014

it's meant to be ironic

this shirt was $3 on clearance yesterday at the Wal-Marts. it's funny because there is absolutely nothing about me that "rocks." i'm not really even sure how one goes about "rocking." 

for instance. here's a multiple choice. Denote the symbol for "rocking" by choosing one answer below. 

f.     none of the above

here's my thought process. "a looks like sign language. but isn't it all sign language? b could be it. but isn't there a college (or 12) that has some sort of horn symbol? I live in Texas now and can't display any sort of collegiate allegiance within the Republic. Go Bobcats! c? c is for surfing, maybe. d?  d could definitely be it. you mess with the eagle on the bike, you get the talons. not e. i'm going with f."

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