14 January 2014

Tuesday morning, back to bed.

It's a rare morning that the boys are still asleep when Andrew and his eldest girl leave the house. Molly and Claire scrambled off to play in their room so I thought I'd take the five minutes to say good morning.

I have a meeting today with my parish mom's group and then we'll be home to finish up some sewing and wait for Lucy to get off the bus. I have another meeting tonight and then my obligations are fully met until the end of the week. It looks like it's going to be a great week to play outside, so we'll be spending our afternoons in the winter sun.

There is nothing nicer than coming back to bed to find that your flannel sheets are still warm. Oh heavens. Andrew and I went to bed at 7:30 last night. We didn't go to sleep. About once a week we bring our phones to bed super early and chat while we waste time and just enjoy our warm bed. Last night Andrew taught me how to use FlipBoard and then played with some camera app while I played a game and finished my kindle book. And we nuzzled our toes together and giggled about things. Well, I giggled. He chuckled.

Some nights we have a plan and we may watch a movie or something, but it seems like most nights in recent memory I just need to let myself drift in the evenings. The five little ones are an immense joy, and I find that my days are so fun and full, but they require a huge amount of physical energy, mental energy and good, old-fashioned patience. At the end of the day, I'm really ready to just find a cozy spot and let my tired body rest.

Today will be long, but there is nothing I can't accomplish with Jesus and a ton of caffeine. :-) One hour til we leave the house. My makeup is on, so all I have to do is change three diapers, do hair on three females, dress five bodies, feed the dog, find five pairs of shoes, pack the diaper bag, feed the boys and clear the toys out of the driveway. I should also leave fifteen minutes early so that I can vacuum the car on the way.


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