11 January 2014


Our bedroom is across from the nursery. I love being so close to my guys and still having two walls between us. But perhaps the best part of the arrangement is that they love to play in their room together with the door shut. It's then that they most remind me of two tiny Andrews. They just play quietly, looking up to laugh at each other once in awhile, so content to be lost in thought. They can entertain themselves for what seems like hours, so happy to be together in their little world. After their nap, I pick them up out of their cribs and set them on the floor to spend a little time among their toys. They babble and giggle and scream happily, the best of friends. It's then that I can take a tiny break, lying in my bed and listening to the sounds of my happy boys. When they are ready too come out into the house, they crawl to the nursery door and bang on it with their fat little hands, laughing like crazy at the noise. What did I do to deserve two such contented babies?

Andrew is outside taking down the Christmas lights and the girls are running around outside and eating popsicles. I had a five-hour meeting this morning and am fried, so I thought I'd take a little break to listen to the boys and check in.

Having 13-month-old twins is awesome. They are so fun and they keep me so busy.

Max is still has a flair for the dramatic. He plays hard, he laughs hard, he cries hard. He's 0 to 60 in a second and has a passion for climbing. I don't knew if all adrenaline junkies start this young, but I see all the ER nurses knowing his name in the future.

Miles is still our little engineer, always studying and examining. He's smart as a whip and is so interested in how things work. He mastered cars and trucks at about ten months and has been working hard to figure out how to open all the little doors on his Fisher price popper toy. He loves puzzles and is already a master problem solver. He's patient and cheerful and is always happy to make his own fun. He's not the party animal his brother is, but he's a terribly devoted sidekick and is always game for anything Max cooks up.

Miles is starting to walk, Max has no time for figuring out how all that walking business works. Faster to just crawl there and get on with the thrills. Miles has 8 teeth and is a happy teether, Max has four and swallows his food whole anyway. Miles sleeps through the night, Max often wakes up to yell for a few minutes before he finishes his night of sleep. Max loves buttons and remotes, Miles loves wheels. Max loves getting a reaction from the dog, Miles likes to sit next to him and study his face. Miles likes to see all the markers in the box, Max likes to suck the color out of the marker tip. Miles likes to watch the chain on the baby swing, Max likes underdogs.

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