15 January 2014

Disney Magic.

I am sitting in the couch while the girls watch Snow White. Well, they're not really watching it. They just play while it's on in the background.

Snow White is such a strange movie.

Her voice is just incredibly high and crazy. She sounds kind of like Deanna Durbin, but she doesn't have to sing with a teenage Mickey Rooney. Win win.

The Prince has a voice that sounds a lot like Ricky Ricardo when he first approaches Snow White at the wishing well. Babbalooooo!!!

Seven dwarves. I don't even know. It seems wrong that the dwarves work in mines. Just because the tunnels can be smaller? There must be a union somewhere that has a problem with that.

How does she get the squirrels to wash dishes when I can't even get my six year old to put her underwear in the laundry basket?

Glass casket. Yipes. When I die I definitely want to go out like that.

Snow White got super lucky. Imagine finding a little cottage and then finding out it's occupied by seven diamonds miners. Score!

Like I said. Weird.

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