04 December 2013

I used to think that having 5 kids under the age of 6 was the problem.

now I know that having five children of any age is probably the problem. that means I answer to 6 people and a dog. not just any dog. a Great Dane. Great Danes are the most dependent animals in the animal kingdom. so while I'm carrying 2 1 year old babies I have a great dane sitting on my lap. Or on my hand. Or on my feet.

this is not to complain about the dog. I'm really just checking in. grandpa and the girls are wrestling in their bedroom, the twins are napping in the nursery and I am enjoying the high of a day full of deep cleaning the house. dinner is in the crock pot so all I have to do is pull out some stale tortillas and a bunch of bags of shredded cheese. Sweeeeet. and I'm blogging just by talking to my phone as I lay on the couch, but it's kind of annoying because it doesn't capture the emotion in my voice. and at 425 on a Wednesday afternoon my voice is fraught with emotion. how awesome is it that my phone recognized the word "fraught?" it can't capitalize a freaking sentence but it knows the word "fraught."

I digress.

grandpa has been here for two weeks and we are really having a lot of fun with him. we are keeping it pretty low key and he has been getting a lot of stuff done around the house and outside and spending a lot of time napping in the Sunshiney texas breeze. Can I just tell you, this guy swears he just can't lie down for a nap, but every time I happen upon him, he's snoring. Hm.

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