15 October 2013

So I thought you left Facebook...

I did. Mostly. The problem is that I love to read news articles and blog posts that are relevant to my place in life, and the easiest place to find these is Facebook. So I stop in once a day to stash them all in a bunch of tabs to read when I get a minute.

I'm in the middle of three books right now, but let's face it. It's REALLY hard to pick up a book that you want to really lose yourself in when there are people climbing all over you and asking for your attention. That's a "curled up in bed with a cup of ice cream" thing for me. So I turn to interesting things that people have posted and it gives me a little bit of adult conversation in the middle of the chaos. 

So, no. I'm not really "on Facebook." I'm just sort of swinging through to reap the positives and every so often I share a picture from Instagram. I like Instagram because I can share a picture quickly without getting "into" Facebook, which takes far more time than I have to waste. I have about 12 Instagram friends, so I'm in and out in under 5 minutes. Perfect.

And that's the poop on Facebook. 

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