04 October 2013

Skunks allowed.

On the drive to school this morning there was a very fragrant dead skunk. Today is also Lucy's "queen" day at school...

A: You allow skunks in your kingdom?
L: Okay. First, it's a queendom. Second, if you were a skunk and you had to spray to survive the dangers of huge cars and trucks, is that a reason to not be allowed to live in my queendom?? Huh? Well?
A: Um. I suppose you're right... Guess we'll be a skunk-friendly kingdom, err, queendom.
L: what color are skunks in Africa?
A: it's the opposite side of the world, kind of where daddy goes on business trips. I guess the colors would be opposite. All white, black stripe.
L: Got it.

This is a major paraphrase of a 10 minute long speech regarding animal respect and cruelty, but I had to capture the funniest parts :-)

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