26 October 2013

Mud Run 2013 - Photolog!

Company team - much needed for some obstacles and encouragement along the way! 
Out of the gate, so fresh & so clean
About 2 miles in, 25' jump, well, drop.
Electrifying! No, really. Two of those hot wires hit you at once and you better hope the person next to you is ready to pull you outta there.
People shaking off the electrical jitterbugs after that obstacle.
Another couple miles in the group poses for a picture. Picture must've been before the 6 mile mark because @ that we lost some folks...
Call the Arctic Enema. I'll translate: dumpster. lined. barb wire. below freeze (no, seriously) water.
You're forced to get all the way underwater because of the barb wire and... from the phrases of those around me, this obstacle was a "religious experience" for many participants!

More than a handful of participants walk around this obstacle....
Yes, the waves and kicking of the fools next to you occasionally made the water meet the fence. Ask me how I know.

Some came out with bloodied heads. Not this guy! Strategic advantage of having no hair to get caught on barb wire!!!
I don't care who you are - you are not getting up that hill without a little help. 
So of course, help others out too. That mud was thick.
The mud hills were shoulder high and there were 6-8 consecutive with knee high thick mud in between. You don't realize how much your calves/legs get a workout churning in the mud. Also you have to keep your feet/legs moving or you will get stuck (or lose shoes). Many left this obstacle and continued barefoot (ouch!)
... not for the claustrophobic...
ditto. This picture is a little misleading. It was right after the water/barb wire from other pictures and it was up - like a 30 degree angle. Ugh. 
Kudos to Brian, my awesome brother for getting one picture of me looking "Tough"!
... and up we go....
... and down we go....
Thought I wasn't going to make it, didn't ya? Where is your faith. I'm a beast (and that mud/water looked COLD)! :-)
Pay special attention to this pic and you'll see two (2) of my greatest fans! Laura & Miles cheering me on as I picked up required speed.................
For THIS pain-in-the-butt-late-in-the-course obstacle. Always the half pipe when you're 11.5 miles into it and have very little muscles left in your legs, particularly your calves. Ouch.
More electricity right at the end of the race....
Almost everyone looked back into that thing and thought [sometime said], "Dang. I signed up for that?!"
12 miles, mud, aches & pains and all I get is, well, this really cool headband! The kids'll love it I'm sure. It'll be from that "Day daddy got all dirty and couldn't walk for a week afterwards"

Special thanks to all those family/friends who donated to this run and the WWP! And, of course to the BK Cookes, my Mom - Laura & the troops who were all there to show their support!!!