09 October 2013


The boys haven't napped since ten am, so they're pretty cranky. I usually leave them in the bedrooms to play for an hour or so and lock the baby gate between the hallway and the rest of the house. This is usually in the morning, but today was a little screwy. So I put them in the nursery around 4 and they were super happy for about an hour. Knowing that I needed time to cook dinner, I decided to try something super sneaky. The boys are super attached to their blankies and I knew they'd be crawling down the hallway eventually to call for me from the gate, but wouldn't be able to get past a blankie force field. So I laid the blankies across the hallway and it WORKED. They fell right over when they reached them, moaning and sucking their fingers. Totally defenseless against the soft minky fabric. Why do they not give parenting awards?!

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