13 October 2013

It's October! It's October! Wahoo! 

Tomorrow I have a Moms meeting. I wasn't going to go because I'm really not prepared, but I got a "you're on snack duty!" emails this afternoon and figured it was fate. So I baked banana bread, a recipe that never fails, until it failed today, of course. For some reason the bananas sank to the bottom and now there's this strange banana custard on the bottom of the loaf. I tasted it and it was delicious, but I'm pretty sure that any mama who's ever baked banana  bread is just going to look at it and think, what the frick happened there? So now I'm trying to decide if I should work a little trip to the bakery in on my way to the meeting. 

Anyway. Onward. The boys are ten months old today! At this time last year I was just trying to keep these little rascals on the inside for as long as possible, and now they're just these big, fat, adorable sweethearts. They are just little wild men and they're really running the show around here. Their hair is coming in like crazy and I'd say it's going to be a very light strawberry blond. It looked absolutely white when it first started coming, but as it gets thicker it's looking much more red. They still have bright blue eyes and are just the most handsome little guys!

The boys are still as identical as any twins I've ever seen. I mix them up the most, but I think it's just because things move VERY fast around here and I have far more opportunities to do so. If I look closely I always know who's who, but half the time I'm pulling people out of small spaces, changing multiple poopy diapers, wiping up spills, etc. Our friends and family have the luxury of taking a moment to look at them and spending time with them in a more relaxed setting, so it's pretty easy to tell them apart. I usually see the back of a head as a baby is crawling away, or pick someone up after he's fallen down, so a lot of time my "who's who" is based on a loose memory on who might have been in a certain spot last. Now that they're moving so fast there are so many moments that I just have no idea who I'm looking at! 

Here's a fantastic example. Max and Miles were in the kitchen this morning and I was standing in front of the computer reading one of those silly life hacks pages on Pinterest. I happened across one for a temporary tattoo that was supposed to last a month or so. FANTASTIC. We've been trying to work out a way to keep the boys straight, and permanent marker is gone within a few hours. These boys take a LOT of baths and they can lose any jewelry we put on them. They're also usually in just diapers in the house and I'm usually looking at their backs. So, I need something to apply to their backs (somewhat like numbering prized hogs) and something for their hands while they're clothed. We usually just mark Max with an X, so I grabbed Max and got to work. I wrote "Max" on his hands and put a big asterisk on his back. Then I rubbed baby powder on it and blew off the excess. After that I sprayed hairspray on it. 

Then I looked closely at the baby I was holding. 

And I looked at the baby on the floor. 


So anyway. Ten months is fabulous. Ten months is a great turning point in parenting small children. They're eating normal food, they're sleeping consistently, they're doing funny little tricks, they're portable and going down for naps when we want them to...right around this age you start to think, ah, I think I can manage this. Now, I won't say we think we can handle it yet, because they're now on this crazy mission to get into as much trouble as possible. One serves as a lookout or decoy while the other eats whatever he can cram in his mouth, and then they switch places. I'm fairly certain that we won't get a break until they've been safely delivered into the arms of a nice seminary or a pair of women who are willing to put up with them. 

Ack. I was going to type about the girls, but I got totally sidetracked by youtube videos about how to put victory rolls in your hair and now my laptop is dead AND I have to go play with my hair. Busy, busy! 

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