29 September 2013

A few quick items.

1) this weekend went by far too quickly.
2) the dry erase board is now the "getting out of bed" board. Stinkin' kids.
3) Andrew shaves his head with a razor that looks like an ATV. No joke. It's called the Head Blade.
4) my mosquito bites are gone.
5) this week is "family celiac testing" week. I am the only one who is exempt because my blood work is all done. I'm not jealous of them. Lucy and Mo have caught on and can't stop talking about their blood tests. They don't know what blood tests are. If they knew they actually had to spill blood, they'd rethink the thrill of it all. More about this fiasco later.
6) I cut Lucy's hair today. We really won't knew how it turned out until next week or so. It always looks great for the first couple days and then goes screwy.
7) still mostly off Facebook. As you can see, the world did not stop turning.
8) we have been busy on the September birthday party circuit. Oh, September babies...
9) grandma will be here in just a few weeks!
10) my October calendar makes me absolutely nauseous when I glance at it. I think I'm going to just drop dead from all the activity. Can I still call "infant twins" and escape the real world?!
11) I have to squeeze about 7300 unique requests out of my upcoming round of grocery money. I hope there's a million dollar bonus in there somewhere.
12) it's bedtime! Wahoo!!

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