06 September 2013

2:30. Twin Problems.

I moved the boys' cribs slightly the other day, and put Miles in the crib (left) formerly inhabited by his brother, as Max is pulling up more and his crib mattress (right) was a little higher. I figured if we swapped them, Miles could sleep on the higher mattress (right) until daddy had time to get to them and fully lower the second (left) mattress. Smart, right?

So I mentioned this to Andrew and he thought it was smart. We figured we'd get to that this weekend.

Well, Miles is one of those kids who cannot handle change, and after a few rough naps I decided yesterday to just put miles back in the other (right) crib where I know he'll sleep fine. Max never cares where he it, so he was perfectly happy to snooze in The Original (left) Crib.

It's 2:20 am right now. I just went in because Miles was fussing in The Right Crib. Their room was super hot so I got them a cold bottle, and thought, "hmm, this baby seems like Max. I don't think I told Andrew that I switched them back." I quickly moved around and changed diapers and all that, knowing I had just a few minutes. When I noticed Miles' puppy in the corner of the (right) crib that Max was in I thought, "oh good! I must have mentioned it!"

But when I looked over at The Real Max, he was sucking his thumb. So The Real Max was actually Really Miles and the baby who was Really Max was in the (right) crib that Miles would probably have preferred to be using.

I think I know which one is which right now, but I'll have to sit them together and mark Max's hands in the morning.

I hope there is a day when one of them walks into the room and I can confidently say his name without having to call his brother in to stand next to him.

At this point it seems unlikely.

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Katherine said...

I would imagine it will be easier when they are not growing quite so fast too.