09 August 2013

Wan Feep Fo Youuu???

Today was nice. Claire's language explosion is just killing me. She is so dang funny. I was talking to mom on the phone tonight and Claire was playing near the fireplace. She kept opening the doors and I told her to get down. She gave me this big grin and said, "oh, I kidding! I kidding!" But when she says it it sounds like kee-ing, which is ten times cuter.

We started or day out of the house early, seeing as it's so hot by ten or eleven. I try to get the shopping done by 8 am so that I'm not unloading groceries and babies in the heat. We ran to Target and picked up a couple cute things for sweet baby Mia, our cutie-pie niece in the east, and then ran to Kohls to try to score some clothes for the boys at the start of Tax Free Weekend. We did great and with all of the coupons I had I was able to get ten shirts and four pairs of shorts for $28! The best part is that I was able to find matching stuff in all the right sizes! Yessssss!!

We then went to our friend L's today for a play date. She has several little girls close to our girls ages, so we got them together. When we left I asked Lucy, "did you have fun this morning?" She replied, "well, it started off a little shy, but we ended up having a great time!" So cute.

We came home for naps and had a pretty good afternoon. I rearranged the living room and swept under the couches and tables. I can't handle the thought of dust bunnies. Shudder.

One of the babies (don't ask me who) is starting to pull up...not cool! Lucy never crawled. She just went straight to cruising and then to walking. I'd much rather they go straight to walking. They don't come across all the nasty floor crunchies that way.

And then it was bedtime. I got everyone in bed and Claire was just not into it. I put her in bed and then came out to clean up the kitchen. I heard a noise in the dining room and found Claire, who asked sweetly, "Wan feep fo youuu??" Nice try. Not even a cleaning kid is going to change my mind about bedtime.

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