03 August 2013

summer starts to head for the exit.


Well, Little Miss is registered for another year of school. First Grade, here we come! I did most of the school supply shopping last night and just have to find giant manila paper...sigh.

We continue to pray and discern our path where schooling is concerned. We thought we might homeschool Lucy starting with this year, but we've been so pleasantly surprised with the local elementary school that we decided to go ahead and continue where we are. I know that many people homeschool with toddlers in the house and a baby on the hip, and I'm sure that many homeschool with even two babies on the hip, but part of this long journey is deciding what works for each family. We've decided that 6th grade is the official cutoff for public schooling and we're keeping a diligent eye for any reason we may need to begin schooling at home before then. As long as homeschooling families are told to take it "a day at a time," I see no reason a public school family wouldn't do the same. Lucy really shines when she steps off the bus in the afternoons; I'm sure that there are plenty of homeschoolers who would tell me that's just the Devil sinking his hooks into her or something, but I'm pretty confident that she's on a good path right now.

This coming school year looks to be moderately busy. The twins are starting to crawl and I'm REALLY trying to muster up the motivation to work on moving to solid foods. I don't usually get my act together on that front until 8 or 9 months, but all they're really eating is dry cereal, so I think it's time to overcome my laziness.

We only have about four weeks until Lucy hops on the bus, so I'm trying to squeeze out a few fun things before all the work starts. We're going to check out the new Sprouts in Keller, make a few trips to the Science Museum, take a couple of meals to our new mommy friends, attend a few playdates, get a little sewing done. I just asked the girls to name a few things we could do in August to add to this list. Molly yells, "Go to Disney World!!"


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Katherine said...

Every family is different and seasons differ within families. Sounds like you've discerned well to me. :)