25 August 2013

Kuwait 2013

Well friends, family, I'm back from another slightly-too-long business trip. This time the job took me to hot, sunny Kuwait. Working from a hotel just south of the city I managed a contract for base life support services. Here its mostly movement control, cargo, containers and people. I had the pleasure of working at several bases and seeing the work my company is contracted for in person. A much needed break from HQ here in Fort Worth. As with previous trips, I found my overseas colleagues highly professional and our customers loving our services.

Kuwait was hot, a meeting at Ali Al Salem registered 120 degrees. The local population seemed generally well-informed and at ease. Of course with younger population looking more and more "westernized". I even saw a Ravens jersey on an Arabic guy at the mall! Woohoo! They were mostly nocturnal this time of year. Its only those crazy EXPATS who WORK in that heat! :-)

I went to two malls, ("Grand Avenue" and "Marina Mall") only to discover this place is EXPENSIVE! I also snuck away to the beach twice on the Persian Gulf. Those were quick walks as it was "just a little unsafe hot" as a TCN colleague described it.

And, skyped and emailed with the family every day. I commited to Lucy to be home to get her to school on the first day and I'm very excited and proud to have made it home on schedule and time in order to do just that. I missed the boys first few weeks of really crawling and even Max's pulling up. Thankfully that will be a work in progress for several more months, especially with Miles!

Enough words, how about pictures...

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