30 August 2013


Dog days of summer, indeed. I need to go to Wal-Mart this afternoon and I still have two hours before Lucy gets home. And then I'll still have three hours before Andrew gets home. This is going to be a long five hours. We're hosting a cookout tomorrow, but it's going to be blistering hot. I'm not sure how that's going to go. I need to go grocery shopping for that, but I thought I'd wait until Lucy got home so I'd have help buckling Claire into her seat. Yeah, I'll wait alllllllllllll day to avoid that task.

The boys just woke from their morning nap and are playing in the nursery. Mo is watching Peter Rabbit and Claire is napping. I'm just so restless and "blah." I am turning over the whole "new floors" issue in my head and can't decide if I'd like to take a stab at staining the concrete or just do something that will have predictable results. Mostly because I'm not sure if I can convince Loverboy to install two floors, should floor number one go badly. I feel like maybe we should just go for option two and avoid this whole DIY staining adventure...from what I'm reading, the curing process can be iffy and we could be down a room or two for some unknown period of time. At least with option two we know it's two days and we're done. Thanks, guys. You really helped me, there.

I haven't cleaned much beyond dishes today because I know I'll do the whole place top to bottom tomorrow anyway. Why waste the energy? I'm also not making dinner. These clowns can go wild on nuggets and fries. I've made dinner every night this week with spectacular results, so I think taking Friday night off is pretty doggone reasonable.

I'm sure this wasn't very thrilling to read, but my chances for adult interaction are slim today. My sanity is hanging by a thread, here. I think I'm starting to sound less than peppy. Time for a little artificial pep. Monster, here I come. It disturbs me when I wrote a blog post and nothing funny comes out of me. I start thinking about commercials for depression meds and wondering if maybe I need to reach out for help. Then I realize I've just written something that resembles what a normal person would write and I'm all, "check me out, world! I'm reasonable and calm!"

Let me just go fix that.

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