08 August 2013

Busy Thursday, happy family.

Today was a doozy. Ha, auto correct wanted to change that to"boozy." You and me both, pal...

We all slept in a little bit, till about 7:30 or so, which meant we had to rush around to get ready for the big event of the week. Fire station tour! Woooooo!! (It really was exactly like Chicago Fire, minus the neighborhood thugs. They don't really have those in Keller.)

The kids were totally jazzed. I was completely mesmerized by the giant half-circle of recliners in their media room. "Okay honey, tell me again why the pull to rejoin the workforce is so strong?" I'm pretty sure all of us stay-at-home moms were thinking the exact same thing. I could nap like no other on that thing...

So yeah, it was a quick little tour, but the kids were fighting over the hats for the rest of the day so it must have been awesome. Claire even woke up from her nap and asked to eat dry cereal from hers. High praise.

Then we went to target where I spent too much money on shoes and bacon while my kids howled for toys and fruit snacks and candy and undies and crayons and hair pretties and Graham crackers.

We got to the check out and the cashier said, "three girls and then two boys? Did you plan it that way?" Yes. We really did. If you do it on Tuesdays during the months of August, June, October or April you're guaranteed to have a girl. We were especially careful because we knew we wanted redheads, so we timed it for 9:27pm during a new moon during the even years and clinched it for the girls. The boys were a little trickier because you have to really plan for a double conception, and you know what that means...wild yams and base-jumping! That was really the easy part, though, because that was just the whole man side. Splitting the egg was even harder, but you do what you have to do to make it all line up right, know what I'm saying?!

Then we went to Chikfila (no time to hyphenate!) for lunch with our dear friends - that was a total madhouse. When you combine summer break with 106 degree great and suburban Texan moms who are really down with a fast food restaurant that closes on Sundays (faith and family, y'all!), well, you get...a madhouse. But it was still fun because we had a little more time with Godmother C and her cuties. And let's face it. Chikfila ranch is worth throwing a few elbows.

Then we went home for naps. The three little ones did about three hours- Claire is at that adorable age where her language and her fascination with manners are right in sync, so she stumbles out of her room at three-thirty every afternoon and says, "I seep so dood! Gankoo Mama!!" She is just nailing this potty business - it's really been clicking the past few days and I'd say we're about 50% done. She now knows what it feels like when she has to go, so she'll jump up meerkat style and gasp, "go potty!" She always runs right past the Claire-sized potty and hauls tail down to the big potty whispering, "potty potty potty potty potty!!" The only role I play is that of the "checker." No tinkle, no candy, folks. About a third of the time she'll swing herself up and realize she doesn't actually need to go, so she'll blow a big raspberry and say, "that was me!" and run away again. I'm mystified. I've never really potty trained anyone, so I'll be darned if I'm going to put any effort into this one. If she wants to take it all the way, I'll supply the candy for the journey. If not, there are plenty of other people around here who will tinkle for candy.

Then we had dinner and went to bed.

That's all there is, there isn't any more.

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