16 July 2013

Zombie Apocalypse.

::11pm, lying in bed::

A: If you could choose six people to be with during a zombie apocalypse,  who would you pick?

L: Oh. Wow. Bear Grylls...Bobby Flay...Chris Kyle...

A: Chris Kyle?

L: Best sniper, like, ever.

A: Oh, the late Chris Kyle?

L: Yes, but alive. And Em. She's very sensible. And Tim. Who would you pick?

A: Terrell Sighs and Brandon Jacobs for muscle. For ninja skills, Calvin and Brian. And...John. He's the new Tim. And...the brother who always says Mass from Our Lady of Guadalupe. He's religious, but not the Pope. So he could kill zombies.

L: I need number six. Father Z. He even has acronyms for the end of the world.

A: Which of our friends would make a good zombie?

L: Well, what makes a good zombie?

A: They're kind of cocky like they own the world and when they get up close they drool on you and hug you clumsily.

L: Ah...