15 July 2013

7 Months of Twin Love!

Our boys are seven months old! Amazing! We are just having a blast with these silly boys.

Max: The eldest by 30 seconds, Max is still our thinker. He loves to get down and silly and has a pretty big crazy streak, but he's a quiet guy, for the most part. He loves to sit and watch everyone while he sucks his fingers. He is sleeping through the night pretty consistently and is always waiting patiently with a smile when he wakes up. Max is the whinier baby of the two, but he's also meeting milestones faster and really on the fast track to mobility. Max is holding his own bottle, starting to crawl, moving things from hand-to-hand and really loves playing with his big sister Lucy. Max is just so much like his daddy. He's an agreeable guy who always has a smile and a cuddle waiting. 

Miles: Miles is truly the baby of the family. It's really funny what 30 seconds can do! He loves to be held and cuddled and is nothing but noise, noise, noise! He is constantly squealing, laughing, talking and entertaining. He isn't really crawling yet, as he prefers to be in the fetal position, sucking his thumb. It's hard to crawl that way. Miles is sitting up and and scooting around, but I think it'll be another few weeks until he starts feeling the motivation to really go places. Miles is sleeping through the night most nights, but if anyone is waking up at two am to say hello, it's Miles. Where Max is our thoughtful, quiet guy, Miles is our flirty fella. He loves to be in the center of the crowd and is always ready to charm someone. He seems to roll right into trouble and is always yelling from the corner of the room with a blanket stuck on his head or a limb caught in a weird place. Miles is absolutely the funniest baby we've had yet, and we love to get him screaming. He is just 100% charm, 100% of the time. He's definitely a combination of his "baby of the family" uncles, Paul and Tim. 

The boys are still like little magnets, always touching one another or sitting together quietly. Max always has a hand on Little Brother, keeping him nice and close. He's such a caring boy already. None of the girls were as aware of people at this age - Max is really something special. Miles is always right there to hold Max's hand, and they spent a lot of time just "being" together. 

The boys are definitely 100% identical at this point, which is usually confirmed by the fact that we mix them up a few times a day. I try to keep Max in red or black and Miles in stripes, but inevitably one of them will end up in a different shirt and we lose track of who's who for at least a few hours. To tell them apart you have to look at their face straight-on. Miles has a wider face and Max usually has his right fingers in his mouth. Miles sucks his left thumb, so that helps a lot. Some days are a little less confusing than others, depending on how much sleep they've gotten and whether or not they're on schedule with napping. Miles falls apart faster than Max when he's tired, and Max will keep a steady whine all day long. 

We've started table foods with them and are just about done with baby food. I usually try to wrap that nasty stuff up by 8m or so. I hate pureed food. Both boys are doing pretty good with mashing things up in their mouths at this point, so we're moving on to "real" food. They love turkey, shredded cheese, watermelon, hashbrowns, cheerios, banana chunks, chicken...well, really anything that they can mash up and horse down! 

Okay, well, I'm off. It's almost 4 pm and it feels like 11am!

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