16 June 2013

In a Bind.

Any mother of twins will tell you that the aftermath is horrifying. "Twin skin," as the veterans call it, isn't just a funny saying. I'm sure there are a few women out there who escape with a perfect body, but I have yet to meet them.

With my three previous pregnancies, my body wasn't too unkind, and things sort of went back to the right place. But hey, when you're carrying two babies and measuring almost 60cm around, you're going to have some fallout.

So...I'm eating right. I'm eating amazingly well. I'm working out 3-4 times a week and will be increasing to 6 classes a week, starting this week. But...it's not enough. Andrew and I went over absolutely everything I'm doing and it came down to, "You need to start wearing that thing." That thing being....the Squeem.

I was told to invest in a good-quality binder by many twin moms long before the boys appeared, and I bought a Squeem. This thing doesn't mess around.  I am just now getting around to wearing it, and I'm trying to wear it about 16 hours a day. Killer. BUT, it does help a lot with many of my post-baby issues. My posture after carrying so many babies is pretty much shot and the Squeem helps me stand up straighter, and my belly is held up and in very. It's about as comfortable as a compression binder could possibly be, so I'm managing. I wish I'd gotten more serious about wearing it before the 6 month mark! Here's to putting myself back together before December 14th!

I'm really hoping that this will help with the damage, because short of a tummy tuck, I'm not sure how much exercise will do for the weird and somewhat massive pooch.

Two babies at once is amazing, but it really is double the work to get back what you've lost - so much work I could Squeem!

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Lisa Marie said...

You need to figure out if you have diastisis at all too, which wouldn't be surprising... Since you were carrying two. It's work to do the exercises but TOTALLY WORKS and is so worth it!! Tupler technique, no joke. After Ben when I did that to repair my stomach muscle separation, I've actually bounced back quicker from Henry as well, and I only sporadically would do the exercises after H! It's soooo amazing, anyone will attest!! But you can't just do typical stuff like crunches, which can actually make the separation worse. Gotta do tupler technique, promise 100% that it'll help!! :-) at least with core strength and SOME tightening around middle. Good luck, I cannot even imagine twin skin, 17 mo apart was hard enough, and I'm sure now 15 apart will really mess me up again. Ha.