14 June 2013

I wish every day was Friday.

All of my children are sleeping. So now you know this will probably fall into the "drafts" pile of my blog and never make it out there for anyone to read. I have more drafts than published posts.

We're having company for dinner tonight. Super stoked! It was time to put the leaf back in the table anyway, since Mimi and "Uncle Boys" will be here in a week or so. Our table normally seats six and we have two highchairs off to the side, but with even two extra people, the leaf comes out and our table turns Catholic.

Speaking of, here's a weird thing. Yesterday I was at Jazzercise and my instructor said, "Hey, do you think Lucy would like this little tiny Bible? I mean, it's not Catholic or anything, but maybe she'd like to play with it. My son got it from Baylor and I have no idea why anyone makes Bibles this tiny." I was all, "Aww, how thoughtful! She love - wait - did you just make the assumption that I'm Catholic because I have very full minivan?" She did. OR she saw my 40 Days For Life bumper sticker and googled it. Clearly I need more bumper stickers. I think I'm going to slap Padre Pio on my bumper and let him preach for a bit. He's such a sweetie.

Speaking of bumpers, here's a funny one. I said "bum," the other day, and Lucy asked, "What's a bum?" I said, "oh, you know, toosh, booty, bumper, bum, bottom." Lucy squealed! "Bumper! Aunt Kasie says bumper too!" And then she got this weird look and said, "Wait. If  a bumper is a bottom and yesterday Daddy told me to tell you he put your cup on your bumper...how did you not know there was a cup on your toosh?" Er...I wish there was some sort of "freeze and change the subject" button I could push.

Speaking of changing the subject, yesterday the kids were in the bath and Lucy was holding Max on her lap and I was washing him. They die laughing every time he pees in the tub. Lucy asked me, "Why do boy booties and girl booties look different?" I was all, uhhhhhhhhhh...look! a leprechaun! I managed to collect myself and I just went with, "Because if boys and girls were the same, Mommies and Daddies wouldn't be able to make babies. Who wants ice cream!?" She totally fell for it and started yapping about peanut butter vs. mint chocolate chip.

Well, anyway, baby crying. That was fun. Let's do it again sometime.

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Lisa Marie said...

Lol, that's awesome! I say the same sort of very simple answers here and luckily kids are simple and don't need much explanation. Anyway your random Friday post made my day, I love you!!! :-)