24 May 2013

Oh, hello there, weekend.

Ah, Memorial Day weekend. We are relatively free of outside plans, but it feels like we're sort of busting with little projects inside our four walls. The family room is CLOSE to being finished with the exception of the base moulding, painting the ceiling and adding new artwork on the walls! That may sound like a lot to you, but considering where we were a month ago, we're positively sailing along! No pics yet - we're going to post one big post when it's all done! The only one who has any real idea of our floor trials is my bestie. Katherine has been getting about seven pictures a day of the new floor. Her maternity leave was timed perfectly! Kind of like having a thousand-times-more-useful Siri. I spent many a day saying things like, "it just keeps wrinkling! Do we keep going?!?" And Katherine would respond, "We can fix this!!" and then we'd just sir in silence wondering how you fix a wrinkly floor. In the end, after trying many things, we started back at square one and fixed a few things, leaving us with amazing results and a kid/dog-friendly floor that we love. I am SO excited about getting the moulding up and seeing a "finished" flooring project. It just looks so rich and decadent. I can't wait to share our "after!"

I'm already in bed. I'm pretty sure that "can I put in Assassin's Creed for you?" translates to "this should distract you long enough to really stake out some decent space in bed" in any language.  Love that cute guy.

Kids are great. I'm going to try to get a bunch of pictures posted tomorrow. We attended Lucy's kindergarten graduation today, so we have many pictures to post! My favorite part of the entire thing was hearing what the kids want to be when they grow up. Lucy wants to be a zookeeper. Her peers mostly want to be ninjas and horse trainers,  but we had a pool cleaner and a Walmart greeter among them! Ha!

More tomorrow, friends!

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