15 May 2013

Easter 2013!

Well, we had planned to have about 40 kids out for a big egg hunt, sort of like we did last year. No, exactly like we did last year. However, Mother Nature had other plans and we ended up having to move the morning egg hunt to the afternoon to let the grass dry. Sob. I was pretty much a wreck. We'd been planning the egg hunt for weeks, and it's basically the biggest thing that happens down here. 

So, with the egg hunt moved, we set about getting ready for the "slightly smaller due to moving the time" egg hunt. With 700 eggs filled and 15 kids coming, it was basically heaven for our egg hunters! They just hunted...and hunted....and...you get the picture. 

Our poor girls had to wait ALL DAY LONG to start the fun. Torture. 

Yeah, 15 kids. Do we know how to do it up or what?! 

Even the trees were excited! 

And once it kicked off, the kids had a blast. 

Claire basically got about 70 jelly beans. She'd already been eating nothing but jelly beans for a month, so we just let her go to it. 

The next day was Easter, so we got the kids up at 5:15am to take them to Mass. Now let me tell you, if you want well-behaved children the best thing you can possibly do is whisk them out the door while it's still dark and had them a bag of cereal while they're still groggy. It was like a Large Catholic Family Jackpot. 

As soon as we got home, the kids were back at it, hunting for their Easter baskets and wolfing down plenty of candy! I think their favorite part of the day was the cascarones - nothing like cracking an egg full of confetti over a friend's head!

The boys were a little young yet for "real" Easter baskets, but they each got a cute little Mickey Mouse lovey - see widow's peak in picture below - four adorable hairlines! 

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