10 April 2013

Skiing with Lucy.

So Lucy came home with this today. "Look, Mom, look! I made a book of everything that you can use to go places!"

I responded, "Fantastic! So you have a car...and a...wagon?"

"No, walking."

"Right, right. And I see a boat, and an airplane, and a camel, and one other thing. What is that in the corner?"

"Uhhh....well, I couldn't put skiing. No space, but I really wanted to. Gotta have skiing!"

"Right, gotta have skiing, but what is that horse-looking thing?

"It's not a horse! It's a llama!"

"Oh, that's cool. What about horses?"

At this point Lucy just about died laughing. "Mom, horses?!? That's so funny! People riding horses?! You're so silly!"

Hello? Did I just imagine the last 2,000 years?

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