23 April 2013

Our Family Rules

So if you're on Pinterest, you have probably seen something like this pop up across your feed. I think it's absolutely hilarious. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about it. But I think our current family rules would be something totally different.

  • You must wear underwear at the dinner table. 
  • If you step on something sticky, clean it up, or at the very least, warn Mommy that there's something sticky in the house. 
  • We do not put strawberries between the couch cushions. 
  • Do not bite anyone who isn't related to you. If you must bite, please do not draw blood. 
  • We pee in the potty, not in the hallway.
  • Do not lick things from your fingers if you can't remember what they are. 
  • Goldfish are not for babies.
  • Please do not climb on anything higher than your head. 
  • Eat your vegetables. 
  • Anyone caught screaming and jumping on the bed simultaneously will be put in time out. Separate these activities if you'd like to stay in the clear.
  • Jesus is WATCHING YOU. 

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