23 April 2013

Christmas with the Cookes!

Before Christmas Mass - so many pretty little girls! 

Leaving reindeer food! 

Baking cookies for Santa! 

Our very careful helper, Molly.

Grandma on baby duty, Daddy on wrapping duty.

If there is one memory I will always have of this house, it's the memory of a glowing tree next to the fireplace, surrounded by presents and love. 

That Santa. He gets messier every year.

He was a pretty hungry fella! 

Lucy's gift to Claire. Love it. 

Daddy and his new gift! 

The aftermath. 

For the boys' first Christmas, we were thrilled to see snow on the ground! 

Bad, bad dog. We found out he'd been sneaking onto the sectional in the middle of the night. 

How I spent my Christmas! Sleeping upright, nursing babies. We call this the Stack-n-Snack!

Daddy and his pack of cuties! 

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