23 March 2013

No Chinese buyers for Fisker?

Who the heck cares.

Lucy and I went fishing at the pond and it was a smash hit! 7 yellow-bellied sunfish (big ones! and, well, little ones with big fight in 'em) and three (3) bass! Love my little fisherwoman. She put the worms on the hook, cast, reeled, sunk hooks, yelled "fish on" when the bobber went under and pulled a couple in even w/o bobbers just "feeling it" and "watching the rod bend". She handled the fish, learned about spiky spinal fins and how to handle those and really enjoyed throwing them back (probably, um, a little too much. She has a future in discus).

First of 7 fiesty yellow-bellied fighters!

A house on the lake, er, well, pond :-)

Lucy's first bass from the pond. 

Overcast day, perfect for fishing um, until the rain started and we booked it home. :-P

Best part of fishing on a colder, cloudy day.... cuddling with dad!

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