26 March 2013

A New Way to Blog

I can never finish a post these days, am I'm more likely to post to Facebook because it's fast. SO, I'm going to leave my blog post up all day and just add a line here and there as the day progresses, and then post when I have enough. Genius.

Claire is on the cusp of potty training. I'm not terribly thrilled about it, as I'd rather do that around 3, but I can tell she's ready to start using a potty. The thought of listening to the twins yell for me as I sit next to Claire and ask, "Are you going pee-pee?!" makes my brain swell. ugh.

Today I'm just hanging out at home with the four little ones. Andrew took my car, which is fine. Whatever. I have nowhere to go. I don't really want to go to my MOMS meeting tomorrow, either, but t-shirt orders are due tomorrow, so we'll be making the trip in. So I'm enjoying hanging out in my jammies and sorting baby clothes today. So super fun. I also get to research attic insulation. Am I lucky or what?!

Okay, that was yesterday. Clearly this whole blogging thing isn't going to go as planned.

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