09 March 2013


Like clockwork, somebody starts to squirm at 4am. One of them is nursing already, but once he hears his brother asking for a bottle, his eyes open, too. If I get to open eyes, I haven't moved fast enough. Now I'm in bed with two babies who are awake aand dressed alike, so it's really anybody's guess as to which one is which. Daddy dressed them before bed and then conveniently departed for the couch around 2am. Hm. What a trickster. Normally I'd call the house phone and let it ring once, signaling my need for an extra set of hands, and he'd pop right over. But today is Saturday, and he graciously allows me to sleep in on Saturdays, knowing that Saturday morning is the only chance I get to sleep longer than an hour and a half at a time. That's fine, really. He and I have very different sleep needs. He has to get out there and provide for this pack and is the type who needs more sleep. I can stumble around in the morning and cancel plans when I'm overtired, and taking one morning a week to recover seems to be adequate. I will say, though, I LIVE for my Saturday morning sleep these days! There are some nights during the week where, while I'm prying my eyes open to care for the boys, I calculate the number of hours left until my special Saturday rest. And now it's almost here!!! And the kids love their Saturday mornings with their Papa, so it's a win all-around. How lucky I am to have such a generous husband. He'd sit up with them every night if I asked that of him, but I like knowing that he's getting a little more rest and heading off to work feeling as good as best he can, under the circumstances. There are definitely nights where I just can't get by with my two hands and have to summon the Daddy, but I try to make it as rare as I can. I do, after all, have the lactational advantage here.

Here's a picture of what's happening right now. I'm about 75% certain that Max is closest to the camera in this one. Look at that little hand under brother's head. So precious. I just love these little fellas.

Well, I'm off to say some prayers and chat with the Lord. An excellent time to visit.

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