28 March 2013

14 weeks, cute as can be.

It's 4am and I'm sitting with Max while he enjoys a room-temperature bottle. YUM.

Andrew asked me last night, "So how are they? I mean, I know how they're sleeping, but what about the other 18 hours of the day?"

I kind of just replied with, "Well, they're good. Very happy, not doing anything new..." which is 100% true.  As babies go, they're super easy. Just like Mo and Claire were at this age, the boys require almost no soothing apart from the "I'm very sorry you had to wait five minutes while Mama was in the bathroom" soothing. They're good nappers and spend most of the day traveling around the house in their little rockers, snoozing and observing the goings-on.

I think they're about 15 pounds each now, and getting very chubby. Our nursing/formula ratio is about 50/50, which is fine, I guess. I'd like to be nursing more, and I suppose it's close to 70/30 on some days, but for the most part it's 50/50. My goal was 12 weeks, so I can't complain too much. Nursing two is a killer, so I'm not being too hard on myself.

They still seem identical, which is...neat? I had no idea how connected two people can be. It's mostly bizarre. We knew that they were super connected from conception, just due to their identical growth, which is rare even for identical twins. Even at 3.5 months they still seem as aware of each other as they do of Mama, and it's really cool to put them on the floor together and watch them turn and grab each other and hang on to one another. They're like little magnets.

At this point it would appear that their eyes are going to be blue, which would make it about a 99% chance that they're truly ID. I only reserve a little hesitation because our babies all look so similar anyway and I see a lot of physical differences being their primary caregiver. This week I've mixed them up three times, but that's actually a LOT for me...

I'm going to come back in a bit and update on each of the girls, but I'd like to get this posted first and snuggle with my sleeping husband for 45 minutes or so!

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