27 February 2013


I was going to write a love letter to my handsome hunk of man, but he's asleep and my blog posts are sent to his email, so maybe blogging is a good choice. I'll say it, kids, I miss blogging.
It's been ten weeks and five days since Max and Miles were born. I am 9 days away from my 12-week breastfeeding goal. I basically feel like a lactactional superhero. I'm sorry all of my posts are about the eating habits of my twins. It's all we talk about in real life, too.
The boys are settling into a nice little routine and I think I can say with about 45% confidence that we're hitting our stride in the 5-kids-under-6-3-under-2-no-nanny-no-housekeeper-gloves-are-off-lifejacket-is-waterlogged-coast-guard-can't-be-reached department.

We are finding a pretty good way of moving about our day at this point with the boys taking three or four naps a day and sleeping "okay" at best during the night. I love it when strangers ask me how they're sleeping at night. Well...they're ten weeks old. And there are two. I usually respond with, "uh, well, they're pretty cute so I try to overlook the rest of it..."
During the day Mo and Claire have a pretty strict routine of Disney channel, playdoh, floor puzzles, markers, marshmallows and multiple hot baths. Ah, winter! So the boys sleep in their rockers and Mama just keeps her shoes on. That would be one of my best pieces of advice in managing this many tiny kids all day. Keep your shoes on - preferably cross trainers. You're going to need the arch support, since you'll be on your feet 95% of the time, and you'll need the traction as you navigate any number of strange puddles.
More later, Zombie Mama needs to sleep real quick!

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