19 February 2013

It's 4:20 am now, getting dangerously close to 5am.

It's 4:20am now. Getting dangerously close to 5am, which is pretty much morning. :(
The first baby woke up at 12:30 and it's been hell ever since. I have a meeting in 5 hours, but now I'm not sure if I should go, considering how little sleep I've had. This is the "incredibly un-fun" part of having twins. I just nursed for four hours straight and am completely raw, but more than that I'm completely alone and raw. I don't have time to go out and make more friends to help me through the complaints and tough parts of having twins. Since it took me six solid hours to find a moment to use the bathroom yesterday, I'm pretty sure a mothers of multiples meeting isn't in my future. And I will be clear, here. Having twins isn't as hard as nursing twins. Being up for so long in the middle of the night is rough. Your perspective gets screwy. Every time my eyes start to close, a babya wakes up looking for his pacifier...oh, my burning eyes! My plans to swing by target on the way to my meeting will definitely result in major caffeine. Maybe I'll buy a cup of coffee. As if I have ang idea what I'm doing ordering coffee. Maybe a Red Bull. Or four.

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Love you my sister in Christ.