12 January 2013

When the bears go on parade...

So Lucy has a Bear Parade at her school next week. Every morning when I drop her off I tell her "to be the best" (that's how we roll). I came home the other day and she said, "Dad, I need a wagon for the bear parade and it needs to be the best, just like you always tell me. So mommy says you better 'Get on it'."

1. Mommy....... thanks!
2. Lucy..... you are so stinking cute.
3. Concept. School mascot are the eagles. Pontiac died in 2012...


Inverted KIX cereal box (sorry Tim, no windows to tint on this one),
Glue - check,
Scissors - check,
Designs (Pontiac bird, 3d flames, school logo (sides)) - check,
Markers - check,
uhhh... old school toy pull phone thing that can be sabotaged for wheels - check.
Download Ferrari Font for Lu's name on chrome tailplate... check.

Go ahead elem school dads... try to beat our school-mascot-oriented-tribute-to-Pontiac.

End of blog post.
Dad out. :-)
GO RAVENS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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