30 January 2013

Mondays are for lovin'.

Monday is our seventh wedding anniversary. Say Wha?! I know. I remember our wedding like it was yesterday and now we're halfway across the country with five kids and a dog.

I was just 22 and I was sure he was going to change his mind once he came to his senses. I was shaking and nervous until the minute he put that ring on my finger, terrified that he'd figure out that I really didn't deserve him. I still don't. He is so wildly amazing, and I still can't believe he can love a selfish, simple girl like me. He is the most caring and generous person I've ever met, and I am so blessed to have him at my side.

The minute he slipped that ring on my finger and said, "I do," my life fell into place. I am no longer me, but the glorious piece of a beautiful puzzle. What God has joined is so perfect and full of grace. This earthly mission Andrew and I share is touched by the hands of God in each kiss, laugh, word and deed. We have been blessed immensely,  and each passing day is such a joy with him at my side. And what a treasure to know this at such a young age and so early in our lives together.

I don't know what the next 60 years hold, and I don't know how long Andrew and I have on this earth together. I do know that in the short time we've been married, we've shared more joy together than any two people deserve. I'm certain that a lifetime with Andrew will bring more joy and blessings than this girl could ever imagine.

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