14 January 2013

First shift

I am sitting in the dark nursing Max, listening to Miles waking up for his turn. For two "likely fraternal" children they seem to be eerily in sync when it comes to bellying up to the boob.

Otherwise, the house is silent. My sweetie is snoozing next to me, the dog is dozing in the closet and three sweet little girls are happily asleep in their bedroom.

Having all of them in one room is so fun. It's a little crowded, but it always reminds me of how special each sweet life is. I can't imagine how empty that room would feel if one of them wasn't there, and yet in today's world bedrooms are built for one. How empty we are as a society when we deny life, and most of us have no idea what's missing. We never planned on Max and Miles, but Max's lazy soft eyes and Miles' cute little nose are just what this family needed. I could just stare at them all day long, my sweet little boys. I know now why Andrew is so deeply in love with his girls. Looking down at my boys and seeing their daddy's expressions is just so neat. I love sending Andrew to work and knowing that I have all day to see his face in my boys. I always thought I wanted a large family. I just didn't know that having one would make me feel like I'd won the lottery.

Yeah, I have my hands full. But what the big family haters don't know is that at the end of the day, I'm completely drunk on cuteness, kisses, cuddles, laughter and joy. You've gotta drink more than a couple to get drunk, right??

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