26 December 2013

Christmas 2013

Santa brought three plasma cars! I think these should come with a gift card for bandaids, helmets and replacement shoe soles :-)

In addition to the Eagle Mountain Eight (Andrew, Laura, Lucy, Molly, Claire, Max, Miles, Stone) this year, we were blessed to celebrate Christmas with the Merkels, Nina, Lilly and Maggie! It was a morning full of warmth, love, family, presents, delicious breakfast and well, delicious dinner preparations starting now!

Morning pictures below!

Finally released from the baby gate that has protected it since Thanksgiving!!!
Plasma Cars! They're already discussing which one of these exactly same cars is "faster" based on the color :-) Molly was drawn to the green, Claire yellow and Lucy silver. Also, nothing but crumbs left on Santa's plate on the fireplace.
Santa left behind a mess and message (Ho Ho Ho!)
Santa capped the stockings this  year with adorable stuffed snowmen (and penguins for the boys).

First one up this Christmas was Max Aquinas aka "Danger". Uncle John still sleeping on the couch!
Early morning stretch as cousin Lilly heads to the tree for the first time this morning!

Claire, slightly confused, alarmed. She was the last kid to join the party (although I think she was only a couple minutes behind everyone  else)
Lucy takes an initial supervisory position on the couch while Molly and Claire go in for a closer look. 
Danger snuggles up with Aunt Nina.
Lucy and Lilly - thick as thieves but both turned out to be very helpful little elves!
Just getting warmed up. Not ideal on carpet but the rest of the house was perfect!
Lilly and her American Girl doll, Roofie.
The boys are able to stand on their own now but not walk. With the help of these plasma cars... I think they'll be walking in no time!
All cuddled up with Mimi and the boys on the couch - exploring stockings!
Loving her adorable little snowman!
Mmmmm.... candy canes from the tree! Finally! Max gets some sugar.
Aunt Nina and Molly help Miles Andrew, aka "Pickle", open some presents!
"This one? For me? This one?" Ugh. Yes. Just open it you cutie.
Max with more sugar. Claire perched on her fireplace.
Brendan enforcing the no-climbing-on-the-fireplace rule with Miles.
Tim checking out the stockings!

Stone finally wakes up around 1030. Lazy dog.

Three little elves. Hard at work. Molly hair all crimped from her pretty hairdo from Mass yesterday. Lucy's snaggle tooth still hanging in there for Christmas morning! :-) Lilly, precious.
Laura taunting Maggie with some cinnamon rolls!

Aunt Nina breaking just about all rules of Plasma Cars. 

Christmas morning secrets between the boys.

Emotionally shocked and amazed. Rested her head in her hand for a while until she could compose herself...
It was the Princess Sofia doll she wanted! Santa Rocks!!!
I got Laura some perfume and a bracelet and she got me fishing lures. Perfect Christmas morning. Can't wait until dinner! Maybe more pictures to come!